How to make advertising an attractive career option to graduates

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Advertising agencies have an issue with class. As we reported back in March, the industry is over-reliant on recruiting middle-class talent from a select group of universities. One potential solution to ameliorate that problem is to recruit outside of the typical graduate pool. So, how can companies ensure that a career in the industry is as appealing as it can be?

How do you solve a problem like... making advertising an attractive career option to school-age students?

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Jazmen Edwards, talent specialist, RPA

Making advertising an attractive career option is all about showing off how amazing our culture is. Advertising is a creative and collaborative field, and being able to express yourself, your thoughts and your feelings is not common across all fields of work. Accessibility to ERG groups is also very attractive to school-age students – having established groups where an employee from a minority group can feel safe to talk is key for new hires and retention. If the culture of the agency is shown, students will gravitate toward advertising. What is more attractive than a safe space to be creative?