Honda Takes You on Guided Video Tours of National Landmarks

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Muse by Clio

Today, Honda begins offering live, real-time guided tours of national landmarks on YouTube.

Developed by RPA and powered by Google Earth, these "Virtual Adventures" arrive just in time for Fourth of July weekend, as Americans (hopefully) avoid crowded destinations en masse amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The series promotes Honda's CR-V Hybrid. The first installment features Niagara Falls State Park guide Angela Berti leading a 20-minute tour today at 3 p.m. ET. The content will stream on-demand after that.

You'll learn about the area's ecology and history and all those over-the-falls-in-a-barrel stunts. Berti plans to field questions. Spray some water in your face while you watch, and it's just like being there!

"The primary audiences are families, some of which would normally be taking these trips over the summer, as well as outdoor and travel enthusiasts of all ages," RPA creative development chief Jason Sperling tells Muse. "An experience like this, which allows people to enjoy something that's missing from their lives, goes a long way towards increasing brand affinity. Especially during a unique period where people expect more, and expect empathetic gestures, from brands."

He adds: "Figuring out viability and determining how to make this experience unique took the most time. We spent months determining the best destinations, working out the mechanics of recording and governing the experience from several locations—along with the licensing and promotion. During the last few weeks, we did several test runs with Angela, our tour guide, to make sure she was polished, practiced, and ready for anything that came her way. FYI—she's ready!"

Fans can share their virtual #AdventuresWithHonda on social. Future expeditions will be announced soon.