Honda Stages A Race Between A Real Car And Video Game Copy

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The mixed reality campaign shows how close video game racing has come to real driving

Video game and simulator racing are continually striving to get closer to replicating a lifelike driving experience. The recently released Gran Turismo Sport focuses on online racing between gamers over AI in-game competitors. Formula One began hosting a gaming championship that runs concurrent to the real race season.

But how close exactly are the cars and the racing in the current crop of driving games to real life? Honda staged a one-off mixed-reality race between pro gamer Peter Jeakins and INDY car driver Graham Rahal to test lap times in their new performance focused Civic Type R.

Jeakins completed his lap in a simulator rig playing Forza Motorsport 7 at Microsoft’s headquarters. He drove a virtual version of the Civic Type R on the simulated Road Atlanta circuit. Later, a real Civic Type R was fitted with an interior projector and windshield screen to allow Rahal to see Jeakins while he drove a real lap at the actual track.

So which car won, real or virtual? Check out the video to see the race and the results.

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