Honda and John Cena Put You in the Driver's Seat Through Decades of Evolving Brand Tech

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The immersive spot prepares viewers for the 'electrified future' -

All technological advancements seem impossible before they happen, and so sometimes the key to imagining a more expansive future lies in tapping into historical milestones of years gone by. Transportation has changed by leaps and bounds over time, and with a pressing need to adapt new systems in light of global climate catastrophe, it’s bound to change even more.

Much in the vein as last year’s “The Origin of Determination” brand campaign, Honda and agency RPA are packing a lot of history into a 60-second video clip with its “Forever Determined” spot. Featuring more than seventy years of technological breakthroughs by the company, the spot is assuring consumers that it has no intention of slowing down now.

The video quite literally places the viewer in the driver’s seat, taking us through historical markers from the POV of being behind the wheel as they happen. Narrated by John Cena, we start off with the Type A Motorized Bicycle prototype only to see it rapidly evolve into the RC142 Motorcycle, continuing from product to product all the way up to modern times.

Embracing electric

This platform is part of a growing trend of motor vehicle companies embracing the inevitability of electric cars after decades of warnings from the scientific community around the dangers of fossil fuels. Changing the narrative after more than a century of fossil fuel reliance is no easy feat, but car companies like VW and Honda are doing so by putting the move in context of a larger history of technological advancements.

“As Honda prepares for our electrified future, we want to connect with brand enthusiasts and a new generation of customers to show how the values of Honda have brought a wide range of innovative mobility products to life,” said Jessika Laudermilk, senior manager, Honda Auto Marketing, in a statement. “From the road to the ocean to the skies, we’re sharing how Honda is embarking on new mobility initiatives to help people make their lives better today and into the future.”

“Forever Determined” is a continuation of Honda’s commitment to achieve carbon-neutrality for its products and corporate activities by 2050. It will be featured across broadcast and streaming as well as incorporate contextual digital media partnerships, social media and in-cinema platforms. It will be airing during high-profile NHL, NFL and NCAA sports programming. It will also include extensions through Twitch and Fortnite.