Grover and Cookie Monster Prove Coverage is Necessary in a Farmers Insurance Tie-Up with 'Sesame Street'

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Can you tell me how to get…to the nearest claims adjuster? I took a wrong turn on Sesame Avenue, which is two blocks before Sesame Street. Does everyone always need to ask for directions?

A new series of spots for Farmers Insurance sends the deadpan but very helpful Professor Nathaniel Burke (played as always by J.K. Simmons) to mingle with the muppets of “Sesame Street” in a crossover campaign from RPA for the 50th anniversary of the beloved children’s TV program.

Odd couple Bert and Ernie (the latter dressed like a tiny Burke) help introduce the web series with ad spiel, but they’re quickly interrupted by a clumsy Cookie Monster. In crashes Super Grover, and questions about insurance coverage begin to fly, easily fielded by Burke.

Two other spots continue the trend from Farmers’ “We Know From Experience” campaign, re-enacting real-life examples of insurance claims. Grover is a less-than-handyman who accidentally fires Mr. Johnson’s water heater into a parked car.

The Count makes an appearance (one appearance, ah, ah ah), narrowly avoiding an errant lightning bolt that fries his riding lawn mower. The spots are running on broadcast TV during college football, major league baseball and NFL games, as well as in cinema placements and on Hulu and Buzzfeed.

Farmers is sponsoring short-form videos on the “Sesame Street” YouTube channel, and viewers can see behind-the-scenes photos and download gifs at a dedicated landing page for the campaign.

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