Gen Z Set for Lonely Valentine's Reveals New Tinder-Based Research

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Research is part of RPA's wider study, 'The Identify Shifters: A Gen Z Exploration'

Los Angeles agency RPA has released some revealing research around generation Z and their activities on Tinder.

According to the report, gen Z is going to be lonely this Valentine's Day - and it's all their own fault.

Analysing the Tinder profile data of more than 400 18- to 22-year-olds across the country revealed several key insights on this generation.

1. Gen Z have a completely shifted understanding of identity and rely on ambiguity. They dodge identity labels in their typically short bios — in fact, 22 percent of bios were left completely blank — and avoid using any 'real'self-descriptors (e.g., “I like to travel.”).

2. They use few photos and prefer emojis, particularly vague ones, to draw interest through mystery — and to perhaps not look like they are trying too hard.

3. They avoid being vulnerable or giving revealing statements — 40 percent 'masked' their faces, either through a filter or by partially concealing their faces.

4. They avoid saying what kind of relationship they are looking for. As one respondent said, “It’s really just a game.”

5. Just 9% of profiles referenced a community identity (ethnicity, religion, diet, politics, etc.).

The below infographic summarising RPA's analysis shows a generation that's going through a profound shift in their identity, where context is king and the audience determines the self - and dating is no exception.

The research is part of a bigger report on gen Z, also produced by RPA. Check out 'The Identify Shifters: A Gen Z Exploration' here.

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