Best April Fool's Pranks 2017

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Teen Vogue

In case you forgot to look at a calendar, yesterday was April Fool's Day. Or, as we know it in the social media age, "Don't Believe Anything You See on the Internet Day." There were plenty of pranks to be seen online, ranging from celebrities faking new hairstyles (Gigi Hadid, we're lookin' at you), to companies pretending to roll out new products (cough, Netflix, cough). Even Snapchat got in on the action to play a pretty solid joke on Instagram. Whether or not you jumped on the prank bandwagon yourself, these high-profile jokes will definitely give you some inspiration for next year.

Honda made us all believe that their new car would allow you to select a particular horn sound to suit your pressing an emoji on the steering wheel. This is actually kind of brilliant; think about all those times you want to honk at your friend as you drive past, but you don't want them to think you're angry (or you don't want to startle them). Car companies, are you listening?

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