26 Agency Leaders Who Are Becoming the Industry’s New Icons

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Advertising will always have its share of young rising stars, quickly building a name for themselves as they climb the ranks. But rising leaders, while even more important to the health and future of advertising, are harder to spot. Their work often shifts behind the scenes as they privately offer guidance and quietly share in glories.

As part of Adweek’s Creative 100 each year, we take a step back and look at the emerging leaders who are charting a new course for advertising. Some are building new agencies, while others are building on the legacies of globally admired shops.

Read below to get to know this year’s senior agency talent on the Creative 100:

Krystle Mullin

Creative director, RPA

Based in: Los Angeles
Ontario and Newfoundland, Canada

How she describes her career path: “Drive-in movie theatre popcorn maker, fast-food hamburger flipper, camp counsellor,  Pant-o-Rama jeans seller, sex toy and lingerie seller, dump truck driver, gardener, teacher’s assistant, knife seller (door-to-door), drag queen backup dancer. German restaurant server, writer at advertising agencies in Toronto: The Hive, john st., Doug&Partners, BBDO, FCB Toronto, FCB/SIX.”

Recent work: “Live Life Comfortably” for La-Z-Boy, starring Kristen Bell. “For me, this project is a great example of what advertising should do for people: It makes them feel good and makes them think about something in a new way.”

Advice for aspiring creatives: “Be yourself, no matter what. If the place you’re working doesn’t like who you are, go someplace else. Find a place that loves you for everything you are.”

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