Longer-Term Trends: Prepare for New Consumer Values

Longer-Term Trends: Prepare for New Consumer Values

Sustained, highly emotional experiences almost always affect people’s values in a significant way. 

So what’s happening now? “Ambient trust” is eroding—this is the sense that we live in a society where governments and institutions are competent and dependable, making trustworthiness increasingly important.

But other values appear to be rising in importance too …

Behavioral Observations

Recent trends and early data suggest new societal norms and parameters taking hold. These aren’t all new values. But things that all marketers will need to be attuned to:

VALUE-FOR-THE-MONEY will be top-of-list for many in coming months

HEALTH AND PERSONAL SAFETY will remain exceptionally salient

NEW DATA PRIVACY NORMS?? Relevant trends will accelerate, settling to a new norm

NEW DIVERSITY NORMS?? As events unfold, a new value standard may emerge

MORE MUTED FUN + ADVENTURE?? They will likely remain close to home (or the imagination)

NEW KIND OF LUXURY?? Luxury may well take on a new face (e.g., as space becomes more important than time)—related concepts like comfort and convenience may also change

Insights for Marketers

Within the edges, there are three highly intertwined macro-clusters of values that we see rising up in coming months, supported by early survey data and behavioral patterns. These are things to start to consider vis-à-vis long-term strategy:

Protecting the family
Relationships and marriage
Close friendships
Parenting and children
Respect for ritual
Social/religious ingroup
Responsibility and duty
Social responsibility
Being helpful to others
All one ecosystem
Environmental awareness
In it together
Peace of mind
Back to basics

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the topics further, feel free to reach out to Hillary Haley, Ph.D. at hhaley@rpa.com.

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