short term panic: be hyper-present + lend a hand

short term panic: be hyper-present + lend a hand

Whenever people are knocked back into a survivalist mindset (it happens all the time these days)—the right response from marketers is simple…

Behavioral Observations + Insights for Marketers

It's True!



  • DO act quickly. When people feel under attack, days are as long as weeks and weeks are as long as months.
  • DO prove yourself helpful. A quick hack, a timely recommendation, or a simple message of support can go a long way when people are feeling stressed.
  • DO communicate “reptilian-style”. Simple, direct and accompanied by simple visuals whenever possible.
  • DO stay true to your core ethos. Otherwise,your message won’t break through or be believed. And remember: Social events aren’t “marketing opportunities.” You must stay aware and sensitive, but also true to what your brand is about.

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