Most people think dogs need to eat meat. But like humans, they actually don’t. And like humans, there are delicious and nutritional vegan options. Enter Halo’s Garden of Vegan pet food.

In order to increase awareness of the benefits of dogs eating vegan, we created the Halo Veg Pledge. How does it work? Hopping aboard the #MeatlessMonday train, pet owners pledged to feed their dogs Halo’s Garden of Vegan food on Mondays. And when they pledged, we shared photos of these Halo Veg Pledge pooches, which was adorbs, but also helped spread our message. This simple step not only helped dog owners understand their dogs’ needs and potential protein sensitivities, but also the environment, as cutting out meat is an easy and effective way to reduce your carbon pawprint.

With the help of some furfluencers taking our pledge, the movement began to catch on. Dogs across the country promised to eat vegan nibbles on #MeatlessMonday, and we established Halo’s Garden of Vegan as the premiere vegan dog food. Something to definitely wag our tails about.