Having to spend the holidays in the hospital is tough. Especially for kids. So for kids at the Children's Hospital of Orange County who are undergoing cancer treatment, Honda created a magical experience that used VR to transport them out of the hospital to a winter wonderland.

First, the kids were invited into a room with a snow globe and a "shrinking machine." Then they were asked if they wanted to shrink down and go inside the snow globe. After putting on VR goggles, the kids experienced a shrinking process and got to explore a colorful world that looked exactly like the snow globe. Inside the snow globe, the kids could interact with a number of characters. They could click on a cloud to make it snow, conduct an orchestra, and even build their own custom snowman friend. The kids' reaction to being shrunk down and exploring the snow globe were priceless.

When the kids unshrunk and took off the VR headset, they were met with a couple of surprises. First they noticed that the snow globe looked different; it was now filled with all the fun characters they saw in the VR experience. Then they noticed a gift on the table. When they opened it, they found a toy version of the exact snowman friend that they had made inside the VR experience.

A reminder to patients and families around the world that nothing should stop the spirit of the holidays.