While most reports on Gen Z have attempted to sum this newest generation with statistics, we decided to look beyond the oversimplification of stats and surveys, and truly got to know Gen Z with a qualitative exploration about Gen Z, by Gen Z.

Titled “The Identity Shifters: A Gen Z Exploration,” this new study reflects the thoughts of more than 1,090 Gen Z researchers and research participants, yielding insight into virtually every aspect of their lives, including social media habits, social activism & politics, relationships, diversity, gender & orientation, beliefs, religion, health & wellness, fashion & beauty, and entertainment.

The result is an entirely new perspective on the generation that’s reinterpreting and reshaping the world as we know it.

We've built a special multimedia website to immerse you in the research, where you can also download the full 90-page report and see ten key take-aways for marketers.

Click here to visit IdentityShifters.com.