Start-to-finish production resources. And warm cookies.

Bö’s House of Visual Arts is an award-winning production company specializing in crafting beautiful, engaging and effective storytelling with a human touch. Located in its own suite on the top floor of our Santa Monica offices, Bö gives RPA the ability to respond quickly and nimbly to our clients’ needs for video content, motion graphics, sound, and photography. In-house but independent, budget-friendly but high-caliber, seasoned but dynamic and experimental, small but mighty: that’s Bö.

Also, cookies. Those who have feasted on Bö’s secret cookie recipe won’t shut up about them.  To reach Bö, call 310.633.6996 or email bo@rpa.com.

What bÖ does

Bö’s House of Visual Arts is a start-to-finish production resource.

Production Services and Support

Motion Graphics and VFX

Creative Editing Services

Voice-Over Recording and Sound Mixing

Tagging Commercials

Equipment Rental

Stage Availability

Content Compressions and Digital Uploading



A best-in-class superteam of professionals like Bö’s wouldn’t be complete without its own origin story, in true superhero fashion. So we crafted one. Enjoy the legend of Bö – and if you’re feeling inspired, help us add to it.

The Early Years

Born in international waters, Bö had his first encounter with loss and tragedy at a very young age, when his beloved houseboat sunk into the Atlantic. Thankfully, Bö and his family were safe aboard their summer houseboat.

Looking for More

For his family, every road promised new adventures, and they kept living a nomadic life on land just as they had at sea.

Fortunate Times

He decided to break away from his family and find his own path. His first job was as a gas attendant, but that didn’t fulfill his need to write, so he started moonlighting as a fortune-cookie writer.

A Slight Brush with Fame

The unexpected happened while working at the pump: He got discovered and went on to become a world-renowned hand model – so much so that every mannequin hand is an exact replica of his. He started receiving fan mail and maintained a long-standing letter exchange with a stranger that knew more about him than anyone else.

The Way In

An accident that shall remain a secret left him with a broken hand and scarred his career for life. Literally. Since his hands were no longer valuable, he decided to start from scratch. He found a classified ad looking for a male movie stand-in and went for it. He was a stoic observer of everything that happened on set, and realized the world behind the cameras was more fascinating than what happens in front of them.

The Beginning

This was the time to put everything he learned into practice. He began with some experimental exercises, in which he looked for different ways to communicate on camera, wondering what we see when there’s nothing to see. His series of clips shot with the lens cap on is all that’s left from this period.