What People First Marketing Looks Like

What "People First Marketing" Looks Like

RPA's successful approach to driving business growth for our clients.

What "People First Marketing" Looks Like

“People First” is the mantra that guides everything we do at RPA — and has been since the day we were founded. (We’d be happy to tell you the story sometime.) It’s the key to our culture, which helps us attract and retain the best talent in the industry. And it’s the reason we’ve remained independent for so many years. Our independence is what powers our ability to always put People First.

We like to say, “we create work that matters to people, for brands that matter to people, in an environment where people matter.”

But the spirit doesn’t stop with our culture. It’s key to how we approach our work, across every discipline in the agency. And, unsurprisingly, we call our approach, “People First Marketing.”

Here’s what that looks like, at a high level, across different disciplines:

The basis of most of our work is our People First Strategic Process. It’s a proven, insightful, integrated process that seeks to connect brands with people in ways that bring value to both.

The nature of creative work is that the style should be adaptable to any given client’s challenge and audience. But across all styles and approaches, we strive for one thing: Emotionally Intelligent Work. Creative work that resonates with people, because it understands people — and respects their intelligence.

When it comes to the ever-evolving digital space, our mission is to Understand People, Not Just Platforms. Simply keeping up on the technology and following trends isn’t enough. We pride ourselves of keeping up with human behavior first — and using that understanding to connect with them across all channels.

There are loads of metaphors about data out there. Data is the new oil. Data is oxygen. Data is gold. But what we believe isn’t a metaphor, it’s just the truth: Data is people. It’s easy to get lost in all those numbers and dashboards, and forget that literally every data point has a person on the other end. When you look at data as numbers, you uncover information. But when you look at the data through the lens of people, you uncover insights.  

Our Media Practice takes an audience-centric approach to driving business growth for our clients, which we call Reducing the Cost of Selling. That means moving a customer from consideration to conversion, while minimizing the time, friction and marketing expense required to do so. It begins by understanding our clients’ business, as well as their prospective customer’s behaviors — in order to make sure we’re connecting with the right people in the right ways.

All of our work is anchored by one of the most respected account teams in the business, guided by a Culture of Respect — for our people, for our clients and for our clients’ customers. This approach is the bedrock of the many successful, trust-worthy and long-lasting client relationships.


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