RPA x Goods

Swag that makes a difference, from a different kind of agency

RPA x Goods

Company swag runs the gamut from very cool to very blah. But rarely does it do more than act as a promotional vehicle – and, maybe, help build morale. What if a t-shirt could embody an agency's mission statement rather than just displaying it?

We're driven by a mission to create work that puts People First, whether that means ads and creative content for our clients or branded tchotchkes for ourselves. So we put the RPA company store to work as a way to do some good for our community.

Under the fitting moniker RPAxGoods, our reimagined company store sets itself apart in ways that reflect the agency itself. Aligning with the work of our agency volunteering initiative, RPA Cares, the store features limited-run collections designed in-house, inspired by the charitable causes we support throughout the year. And best of all, 100% of the proceeds from every mug, every shirt, every beach towel, throw pillow and tote bag, go to the charities themselves.

“I love fashion and I love philanthropy, so the two coming together makes me very, very happy. RPA Cares works with a variety of local nonprofits and charitable initiatives throughout the year. We provide opportunities for associates to give back, primarily through volunteering their time, as well as the occasional fundraising effort.And now RPAxGoods gives associates another way to give back while also wearing it proudly.” –Hana Visaya, RPA Cares Chair

The task of designing,developing, and marketing each RPAxGoods collection is assigned to our talented and diverse creative internship program, giving the industry's next generation of creatives a crash course in full-cycle product development. Not to mention a juicy brief to sink their teeth into, as creative opportunities go.

The Impact

To shop the latest collection or learn more, visit the RPAxGoods store. Grab a shirt while you're there.

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