RPA - Pride Month

June is Pride Month

June is Pride Month

June is Pride month and RPA is joining the celebration. After all, love is love. And here at RPA, we proudly observe RPALove!

Not only is this a time to celebrate all the LGBT+ associates inside our agency, it’s a chance to bring attention to important issues affecting the LGBT+ community at large. With that in mind, our Pride committee, led by Drea Rice, packed this month with a rainbow of activities.

We kicked things off with LGBT Night at Dodger Stadium.

We created a custom rainbow RPA logo that can be found on T-shirts and our website. We have a colorful line-up of queer entertainment, including Drag Bingo (led by Hanna Samad/Ros Bugg); a happy-hour concert featuring LGBT ally and advocate, Van William; and a Queer Arts Festival featuring local LGBT+ artists (led by Alec Cheline/Reggie Malasique).

Additionally, #StridesForPride, a photography project from creatives Anton Mora and Edi Inderbitzin, in collaboration with RPA and Gloss Retouching, was created to highlight the diversity and unity of members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies alike during the Los Angeles Pride Parade. The subject of this project is something completely unique to the LGBTQ movement that often gets overlooked: the shoes.

[vimeo vimeoid="277381504" caption="Strides For Pride" ]

The inspiration came from how colorful and iconic the shoes, boots, high heels and socks can be. They can say a lot about the person wearing them, and they can even send a message as this series allows us to see.

“Just like the footwear depicted in each shot, the people wearing them are unique, yet marching toward the same goal together. This is what we wanted to communicate through an unusual perspective – that no matter who we are, how we look or whom we choose to love, we all need to walk together toward a better tomorrow,” said Mora and Inderbitzin.

Over the course of the month, we also launched a social media series highlighting current stats and facts about the LGBT community, which was led by Romeo Cervas, Paul Fung, Nathan Tamburello Lindsay Kelly and Tyler Sweeney. And, most important, we raised funds for a new charity partner – The Village Family Services – that provides critical services to LGBT+ homeless youth.

Through these efforts and more, RPA hopes to continue their work as a champion for equality, diversity, and inclusion, and help make a positive lasting impact within the LGBT+ community.

To see more of RPA in action, follow us on our social media channels – and join the conversation.