RPA Honors Women Leaders During Global Crisis

RPA Honors Women Leaders During Global Crisis

How we responded when Women’s History Month took an unprecedented turn

RPA Honors Women Leaders During Global Crisis

Elevating groups who are traditionally marginalized—especially those working in the advertising industry—is an important part of RPA culture. Every year, to support Women’s History Month, we celebrate the women within our ranks with a month of programming and events.

Our scheduled programming this year highlighted women who had defied self-doubt and the biased expectations that often affect women and minorities. We had originally planned to challenge people, women especially, to reject inherent prejudices and demoralizing language with a series of animations rewriting ambivalent statements into assertive declarations.

In addition to social media, these videos were to be displayed on in-office monitors.We had also planned an interactive exhibit inviting our Associates to “edit out doubt” by striking through discouraging remarks.

Instead, we collectively faced a global pandemic.

Immediately, the in-office and experiential elements of the campaign were rendered obsolete. And in what seemed like a matter of days, everyone in the country had taken on responsibilities for which we were unprepared. It was no surprise that the women of RPA adapted quickly to support their teams and our clients, all while staying on top of their workloads remotely. Many did so while also taking care of their families.  

In response, we pivoted our programming to honor the innately feminine instincts and leadership all around us. We shared stories and tips from women at RPA on how to lead in a crisis: with empathy for team members, especially parents, and unconditional support for everyone weathering the new normal.

During a time of unprecedented uncertainty, women demonstrated, once again, why one should never doubt their abilities to lead a team, a project, or something even greater.