RPA - Sparking Passion in Our People

Sparking Passion in Our People

How RPA recognizes and empowers our Associates

Sparking Passion in Our People

Passion doesn’t come from sitting in status meetings.

Nothing against status meetings, mind you. They’re a necessary evil sometimes. But one of the things that makes RPA such a special place for our Associates to spend their days is our commitment to recognizing and empowering our people. Because we spend so much time together, we believe it's essential to create a supportive environment that promises more than just a "place to work."

We want our Associates to follow their passions and interests — with RPA's help.

When our Associates can do what they're passionate about, that same passion gets channeled into their day-to-day work. When we take care of our Associates, we've seen that same care extended to our clients, and beyond.

That's People First in action.

Some of the People First programs and initiatives that we proudly support for our Associates include, but are not limited to:


RPA Represent

Self-selected, passionate teams that advocate for inclusivity and diversity in authentic, meaningful ways inside and outside of the advertising industry with efforts around PRIDE, Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Arab American History Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and more.



Named after a geeky way to express “a blank page” (the hex code for white is #FFFFFF), the 6F program encourages teams of Associates to “make something happen” by creating and developing innovative solutions for projects that interest them in 6-week sprints.


Beyond RPA

This industry loves awards for our work. But what about an award for life outside of our work? Beyond RPA recognizes our Associates’ lives and accomplishments outside the office and awards those who inspire the rest of us.


Be Well RPA

Our people work hard for our clients. So we work hard for our people. This program promotes health and wellness services, resources, and programs to help RPA Associates be their best with meditation, yoga, and Pilates classes. Not to mention surprise days of free chair massages.


RPA Cares

A spin-off group from our 6F program, RPA Cares is a self-run committee of Associates that plans and executes philanthropic initiatives for local and national charities. Among many other accomplishments, they’ve helped the agency dominate the regional Toys for Tots drive competition for the last few years.


RPA Love Week

A week of fun, participatory events celebrating the people and love at RPA. It’s a chance to remind our Associates that they’re important and valued.

There’s so much more, including table-tennis tournaments, post-work pickup basketball, soccer, and softball, summer concert series, and year-round happy hours. And we’re constantly looking for new ways to keep our people energized and engaged.

We want RPA to be a place for our Associates to grow — not only as well-rounded professionals but also as well-rounded people.