Honda - Odyssey - Keeping the Peace

A car built on human insights needs a campaign built on human insights

Bringing the features of the Odyssey monstrously to life.

A car built on human insights needs a campaign built on human insights

"Keeping the Peace" :60

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Everything Honda does is driven by human insights. So when they came up with the latest iteration of the Honda Odyssey, it was built entirely on these human insights. From being able to easily see your kids in the back while you’re driving, to being able to talk to them through their headphones, Honda tried to make parents’ lives easier with every feature. Especially with their standout feature, the Magic Slide™ seats.

  “In research, the Magic Slide™ seats were one of the biggest hooks that made people want this vehicle.”

- Christian Cocker, SVP / Group Strategic Planning Director, RPA

Because a car built on human insights also needs a campaign built on human insights. So we built this campaign off of this insight. Every parent can look at their precious child and see nothing but love and adoration, most of the time. But they know it doesn’t take much for those cute faces to turn into something much scarier. Like monsters.

So in our launch spot for the all-new Honda Odyssey, instead of just showing two siblings fighting over a toy in a minivan, what if these siblings were two giant monsters fighting over a bus in the middle of a city? Now we’re talking. With our concept narrowed down, the spot started to grow as big as our monsters were going to be. We made the parents the heroes, making it feel like they were stars of their own action movie.

“It’s relatable without being a trope; it’s surprising. Parents see the immediate truth of this scenario and enjoy it.”

-Ken Pappanduros, VP / Creative Director, RPA

Since the Odyssey would launch around the same time as summer blockbusters, we even wanted to be insightful to our audience when it came to where they’d see it. We felt like the concept lent itself perfectly to cinema, so that’s how we treated it from the get-go – like a mini movie. In fact, our :60 version launched in over 1,600 cinemas across the U.S. while also airing nationally on TV.

And like all good films, it’s captivating because there’s a human truth at the center of it.