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Making B2B feel more human-to-human

How we sparked a small business movement for Intuit QuickBooks

Making B2B feel more human-to-human

The lines between “B2C” and “B2B” marketing are fuzzier than ever — and that’s a good thing. Because whether you’re talking to businesses or talking to people, you’re talking to people. Behind every business, and especially every small business, is a person. An actual human with hopes, fears, desires and concerns about the future. They’re not looking for fluffy feel-good messages from giant companies. They’re looking for reassurance, and practical guidance, from others who’ve walked in their shoes.

That’s why we created the "OWN IT" campaign for Intuit Quickbooks, and activated it even further with “OWN IT Every Day,” a social platform to celebrate and support small business owners, as well as give them a way to share their advice and ideas with one another.

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To uncover what really matters to small businesses and create the most valuable content series possible, we wanted to interview as many small business owners as possible. We set out across the country, interviewing and profiling those who “OWN IT” in as many cities as we could hit. And if filming and editing a new piece of content every day for a full year doesn't seem like a big deal, ask our production team — they’ve got stories.

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The final result:

A content series featuring hundreds of real, useful ideas for small businesses, from small businesses. And return-on-investment levels that any size business would be jealous of.

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