Southwest Marketcentric Q2

Southwest - Marketcentric Q2

Southwest - Marketcentric Q2

Southwest wanted to get young people and general travelers who fly with our competitors to seek out and ultimately book flights on Southwest. Part of the challenge in doing so effectively was talking to flyers in 12 different markets across the U.S., each having their own unique propositions.

So, we developed a cohesive body of proposition-focused creative that speaks to travelers in each market with a local flavor. These fun and colorful assets, designed to inspire travel, showcase our service offerings across primary digital and social channels.

[vimeo vimeoid="272809178" caption="Bumper - Bay" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="272809212" caption="Bumper - Fort Lauderdale" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="272809200" caption="Pre-Roll - Denver" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="272809230" caption="Pre-Roll - Phoenix" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="272809376" caption="Pre-Roll - Bay" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="272809406" caption="Pre-Roll - Fort Lauderdale" ]

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