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"Sharing happiness" with pocky

Driving smiles, as well as sales.

"Sharing happiness" with pocky

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When we first started working with Pocky we were, of course, familiar with the snack. Who doesn’t love those crisp, light biscuits covered in creamy chocolate? We thought of Pocky as a rare treat we’d sometimes discover at the Asian food markets up on Sawtelle Blvd., just east of our offices.

As it turned out, that’s also the same way their main customer, millennial moms, thought about Pocky. An impulse buy they’d come across on trips to Asian markets. We needed to help Pocky change mom’s mind. Help her realize all the different daily opportunities she has to share Pocky with her family and friends.

We’re setting out to convince mom that Pocky isn’t an occasional impulse buy but instead is a staple she should always have in her pantry. And when it comes time to stock up, mom doesn’t need to make a special trip to Sawtelle, but just grab some in the Asian food aisle at Ralphs (or Vons or Safeway or Walmart or Target).

But why should moms add Pocky to their weekly shopping lists over the scores of other sweet treats at the grocery store? Because Pocky is ideal for sharing. From their size to their biscuit “handles” to the number packaged in a box, Pocky is made to be shared. People tend to share them more as you would a pack of gum than a cookie or candy bar. What we needed to do was remind mom how much she and her family like sharing Pocky.

Pocky’s global tag line is "Share happiness!" We decided to interpret it literally. When you share a Pocky with someone you make them happy and, in response, they might smile at you, thank you, blush or giggle. So, every tasty biscuit in a box of Pocky is more than just a chocolate-covered snack – it has the potential, when shared, to elicit a little bit of happiness that is sure to be returned in one form or another.

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In addition to communicating the potential happiness inside each box of Pocky, the campaign also needed to spark ideas for mom about all the different perfect Pocky-sharing occasions. Sure, mom could pack it in junior’s lunch, but what about stuffing stockings with Pocky boxes at Christmas? Or putting out a mug full of Pocky in the next status meeting? Or making sure you have Pocky in your carry-on for that cross-country flight?

The result was a mobile-first campaign focused on millennial moms on the West Coast. Social video, digital banners, rich media units, pre-roll and interactive units all delivered on the idea that every stick of Pocky is a moment of happiness. We used the iconic red from the chocolate Pocky box along with eye-catching animation to create work that would stop people’s thumbs in their tracks as they scrolled through their feeds.

Laundry, a design-driven animation and production company, worked with us from the initial stages of the idea, as far back as the original new-business pitch. With their help and an orchestrated effort of dedicated RPA Associates, the campaign was launched a mere 7 weeks after the concept was approved.

We’re excited for the campaign and the inevitable purchases and wave of West Coast sharing it will create. And we’re thrilled to be launching the first U.S. marketing for such an iconic and beloved brand. But we have to admit, the best part about this campaign is all the Pocky around the agency lately, and because this is RPA and we’re good people, you can always find someone more than happy to share.

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