Honda: Honda Summer Spectacular

Honda: Summer Spectacular

Honda: Summer Spectacular

This year’s campaign for the Honda Summer Spectacular Event will connect with in-market shoppers by capturing the heightened state of car-buying bliss, when prospective customers discover they can get a great deal on the Honda of their dreams.

TV creative will feature a variety of vehicles, each paired with eye-catching interiors and accolades specific to each model. Extensions will span across an array of digital and traditional channels, including display, social, radio, point-of-purchase kits and multicultural assets.

You may be asking yourself: What’s up with GIFs? Why is that dog dancing on two legs? Why is the little girl jumping up and down like a wild animal? They’re so animated, so over-the-top excited. Well, we think we’ve figured it out. They must have gotten a good deal at the Honda Summer Spectacular Event.

For this year’s Honda Summer Spectacular Event, we utilized those animated, over-the-top GIFs people use in their text messages (71% of Americans, to be exact) to demonstrate the excitement people feel after getting a good deal at the Sales Event. Seven videos repurposed GIFs of babies and animals to help Honda express that the possibilities are endless at Honda’s Summer Spectacular Sales Event. Videos were promoted on Honda’s social channels throughout the event.


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TV Spots:

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