Honda: MY-19 Pilot Social

Honda: MY-19 Pilot Social

MY-19 Pilot Social

Honda: MY-19 Pilot Social

To showcase the capability and adaptability of the all-new Honda Pilot, we created video carousels that showcased all the different adventures you can go on in the SUV.

But how do you get people to watch an entire series of carousel videos? Get creative, and connect the actions through movement.

Swipe as the son leaves frame holding his giant bunny stuffed animal, and you’ll see it transform into a bunny shadow puppet in the camping scene. For those users who hang too long on any one scene, our talent playfully reminds them to swipe right to follow the adventure. Spending time admiring the Pilot in the snow? The dancing Yeti will direct your attention onward. Still don’t get the hint? Don’t worry. Dad holds up a giant, light-up carnival arrow.

With the looping story structure, the carousel sequence can begin from any scene, allowing for numerous variations. In setting out to showcase the Pilot’s versatility, we created a campaign that itself was highly versatile.

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