Honda - Happy Honda Days Toys 2.0

Happy Honda Days Toys 2.0

Happy Honda Days Toys 2.0

Happy Honda Days is Honda’s most recognized and beloved sales event of the season. This year, our campaign tapped into childhood nostalgia using some favourite ‘spokes toys’ from past decades to build an emotional connection to the sale. The “Toys 2.0” campaign features classic childhood toys, such as Voltron, Care Bears, 6 Million Dollar Man, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Our strategy was to help Honda shoppers relive the feeling of getting something they truly loved for the holidays as a kid by getting a great deal on a new Honda as an adult. Through stop motion animation, these toys were brought to life. Authenticity was key for this campaign, so the original toys were tracked down, along with the original voice talent, including Lee Majors for 6 Million Dollar Man.

[vimeo vimeoid="301059998" caption="Voltron" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="301060149" caption="TMNT" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="301060238" caption="Care Bears" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="301060322" caption="Six Million Dollar Man" ]

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