Farmers AMP Evergreen Case Study Video

Farmers agents get dynamic boost with local ads

Farmers agents get dynamic boost with local ads

Farmers wanted to develop a digital campaign that showed the value of working with a local agent. But with over 14,000 agents across the country, they were also looking for executions that felt unique and tailored to every individual agent.

We started with the idea that Farmers® unrivaled experience is closer than people think and developed an execution that placed pins with Farmers® iconography and lifestyle photography on maps to highlight that proximity. We knew we couldn’t create a personalized map for every agent – that would mean creating over 10,000 assets – so instead, we pared down the top 50 Farmers markets into just six maps that share geographic similarities. Those maps could then be customized with city names.

Overall, we created over 120 assets with 90 possible dynamic placements for Farmers agents. With these assets, every Farmers® agent can now send localized ads complemented with dynamic imagery, copy, and location. By doing more with less, and by exploring smarter digital solutions for our client, we effectively conveyed the proximity of a Farmers® agent’s experience with greater efficiency and personalization.

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