"Enter the Apartminternet" "Enter the Apartminternet" "Enter the Apartminternet"

In our latest campaign for, Jeff Goldblum returns as Brad Bellflower, Inventor of the Apartminternet. The campaign takes us inside to experience the high-tech world – the Apartminternet – where renters can find the perfect new home. Choosing from limitless options, we show how finding that perfect home helps renters become the best versions of themselves. Because, as we all know, where you choose to live sends ripples into your future!

RPA produced creative for the campaign that stretches across TV, radio, digital, and social platforms.

[vimeo vimeoid="322297246" caption="Multiverse" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="322296945" caption="Alternate Youniverse" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="324373350" caption="Kiss Cam" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="325919793" caption="Lineup" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="325919935" caption="Fusion" ]

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