La-Z-Boy - Kristen Bell


Kristen Bell helps people Live Life Comfortably


Introducing La-Z-Boy’s “Live Life Comfortably” campaign to a new generation of furniture shoppers meant relaunching the brand with a new spokesperson they could relate to. Enter the ever-magnetic Kristen Bell.

After a dispute with her husband about where to put the new La-Z-Boy recliner she bought him went viral, La-Z-Boy saw an opportunity to make her the new brand ambassador – and take audiences along for the ride. RPA crafted the campaign around Kristen, capturing her innate charisma and “tell-it-like-it-is” quality.

Along the way, she discovers that La-Z-Boy makes a whole lot more than great recliners.

Subtitles :30

Cue Cards :15

Magic :30

Peanut Butter :30



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