Intern Advice

Aloha Reader,

My name is Matt Youngquist. My spirit animal is a Golden Zebra. And if there is one piece of advice I have it is that:

Wisdom comes from all places.

True story.

This week I was sitting in my Human Resource Management class at 8am (which really shouldn’t be a thing, but that’s another rant for another day), listening to another exciting lecture on Job Analysis Theories, trying desperately to stay awake. (sorry Laura, Andrea, and Lindsay).

I failed.

Lucky for me, my professor is a stickler for students sleeping in his class, so I woke up to: “Mr. Youngquist, can you repeat the last thing I said?”

I did not know the answer, but I don’t go down without a fight, so I read off the last thing from my notebook.

Lucky for me again, I grabbed the wrong notebook at the ungodly hour my alarm woke me up.

So I read off why scholars believe Homer was actually a group of poets instead of just one man from my Ancient Mythology class.

Love Mondays.

Anywho, my professor informed me that he had just finished saying, “in any organization, the people are what make the place.”


The people.


The place.


That little nugget wisdom coming from an 8am lecture is all I need to confidently say that the crippling student debt was 100% worth it.

RPA must have paid attention in HR class, because that is an ideal they play close to the chest and one you see everyday going into the agency.

But let’s say you’re not convinced.

In the words of America’s sweetheart…

Lohan Quote

Dang, she’s good.

Lindsay Lohan said that.

Wisdom comes from all places.

Aloha. (Which means both hello and goodbye. I know things.)

Hope you see you soon,


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