A different angle on a Sales Event Campaign.

A different angle on a Sales Event Campaign.

Compared to TV, the social approach is a whole different animal

A different angle on a Sales Event Campaign.

In our recent Honda "Dream Garage Sales Event" campaign, the television ads feature a fantastic garage with doors that open to an array of landscapes: the forest, the desert, the city thoroughfare and more.

But to turn the concept into shareable online content, we knew it had to feel different: more lighthearted, more emotional, and less like advertising. And with a limited CG budget, we had to stay within the Dream Garage set we already created. That led us to ask: What happens in a magical garage after-hours?

"Security Camera"

In “Security Camera,” we return to the Dream Garage after the last guests have gone and the lights have lowered. We discover someone left the door to the forest open. On mock security-camera feed, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat users can watch an adorable bear cub wander in to interact with the Honda Accord. The bear’s antics play more like a short film than an ad, but the security-camera angle makes it possible to include plenty of Honda event branding and sheet metal.

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“Social is first and foremost supposed to be something people engage with,” says RPA Creative Director Sarah Bates. “The challenge was making a direct sales event message into something that was interesting, engaging and bite-size — something people would actually want.”

The fixed-camera, single-location concept made it possible to bundle social production along with television production, creating an integrated campaign that’s also financially efficient. Plus, the video’s unique aesthetic makes it stand out from a cluttered field of social ads.

“It’s so easy to tap past ads, but in social the visual has to grab your attention,” says RPA Copywriter Nik Frank-Lehrer. “Right away, the security feed gives you an unusual POV. The lights are off above the car. You see the branding, but you’re also asking — what’s happening here?”

“People love watching animal videos online. This was a good way to get mileage out of behavior that’s there already.”

–Hieu Luong, Art Director, RPA

"Security Camera" :30 Vertical

“In addition to the cut-downs, this had to work in vertical format for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat,” says RPA Producer Jackie Fuhrman. “We came up with the innovation of stacking the video on top of itself.” This created the impression of watching a video array, like you’d find in a security office, plus it allowed us to show multiple angles of the Accord.

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"Dream Garage: Doors"  TV :30

“Security Camera” models the ideal relationship between traditional and social media content. In the television spots, customers choose new Hondas from the Dream Garage and drive them off into various adventures. The social concept exists in the same world as the larger concept, but tweaks its rules just enough to turn a direct sales message into a playful, shareable viewing experience.

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