Honda CR-V: "Yearbooks"

Every success begins with a dream.

Honda CR-V: "Yearbooks"

2017 marks the third time RPA has created Super Bowl advertising for the Honda CR-V. The bar was set high, not just because advertising on the big game always has a high bar, but because of our own history.

Honda is driven by “The Power of Dreams.” And it’s a universal idea. There are very few, if any, people out there who haven’t had a dream and wanted to chase it.

Some dreams are bigger than others, of course. There are dreams of success — and there are dreams of best-in-the-world, top-of-the-game success. For Honda’s engineers, their dream for the completely redesigned CR-V was the latter. The CR-V was already Honda’s best-selling vehicle, but they wanted to make it even better.

“When we talked with the Honda engineers, I could FEEL their passion. They were so incredibly proud of all the small, incremental things they’d made better. It’s easy to forget that it takes guts to mess with something that’s already so popular.”

– Christian Cocker, SVP/ Director of Strategic Planning

To stand out in the big game, we wanted to connect with that passion for chasing dreams. It’s easy to forget that with every incredible success story, at one point they were just another person with a dream. What if we could capture the spirit that drove and inspired them back before they were successful?

That was the creative spark that led to “Yearbooks.” School yearbooks capture that moment in time when our whole lives are ahead of us. So we recruited an A-list collection of celebrities and imagined their school yearbook-selves offering advice to the audience.

Yearbooks :60

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“Before they were stars, they were just like everyone else. They had a dream, and that dream never stopped. This connects back to Honda in a really nice, natural way.”

  – Jason Sperling, SVP / Executive Creative Director

Recruiting a lineup of this caliber wasn’t as easy as it sounds (and it doesn’t sound easy).

Also not easy was bringing these old photos to life realistically. There was no existing process for the effect we wanted. The final result is a composite of each celebrity’s original school photo (yep, that’s really them), a 3-D scan of the celebrity today, motion capture as they performed their lines, and a stand-in performer re-creating the original photo. In fact, we were still figuring out how we were going to pull it off while we were recording the talent.

The end result is something special, designed to leverage the biggest advertising platform there is, in order to let people know that Honda just fulfilled one of their own dreams – making the already-great CR-V even greater.

“We’re very proud of this work. The CR-V is a vehicle that appeals to everyone. And this is a universal truth. Everyone can connect with the idea of chasing your dreams.”

–  Susie Rossick, AVP, Honda Auto Marketing, Honda