Farmers - Rickie v. Rickie

Rickie v. Rickie

Nothing Beats Experience in Our Latest Farmers Insurance Campaign

Rickie v. Rickie

The Farmers Insurance® partnership with Rickie Fowler started in 2013. Since then, he’s learned a thing or two, and has grown into one of the PGA TOUR’s most celebrated and successful golfers. This is the premise for extending the Farmers message about the value of experience into the golf world.

In our latest campaign, “Rickie vs. Rickie,” a modern-day Rickie Fowler takes on a young version of himself to demonstrate that nothing beats experience. Along the way, we show that experience hasn’t just improved Rickie’s trademark sartorial and grooming habits, but also his golf swing and approach to the game.

The effort launches with a three-episode content series each focusing on an aspect of Rickie's game that has improved through experience. Each video drives viewers to a destination page where they can read a long-form piece detailing Rickie’s evolution as a golfer, see behind-the-scenes stills of the Rickie vs. Rickie shoot, and more. Throughout the campaign, Rickie and Farmers will not only share the episodic content but also additional content that includes the Rickies trash-talking and critiquing each other's golf games.

Watch the two go back and forth in our latest campaign, Rickie vs. Rickie.

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