Honda - Hybrids for Hybrid Skeptics / Meh Campaign

Selling a Hybrid for Hybrid Skeptics

Creating a Mehmorable Campaign with Honda

Selling a Hybrid for Hybrid Skeptics

Many people don’t realize that Honda came out with the first mass-market hybrid car in the U.S. back in 1999. Since then, hybrids have grown in popularity. And now, 20 years later, Honda wants to change how people think about hybrid cars.

Because here’s the problem with hybrids: They look too much like, well, a hybrid.

It’s cool that it’s a hybrid and all, but not cool enough to sacrifice design, performance and affordability.

So, Honda built and designed the 2019 Insight as the car for the hybrid skeptic.

The appeal of the Insight isn’t the fact that it’s a hybrid. It’s a car that discerning buyers will want to drive because of its looks, fuel efficiency and price — being a hybrid is just icing on the cake.

“The campaign sets up a ‘meh’ world of hybrids: cars shaped like the way you feel when you drive them,” said VP/Creative Director Sarah May Bates. “It isn’t the future. It’s more like a parallel version of reality where everything has the edges sanded off of it and drivers are resigned to snacking on rice cakes. That is, until the Insight enters the frame.”

[vimeo vimeoid="282710951" caption="The 2019 Honda Insight – World of Meh" ]

Creatively, we knew that people tend to look at hybrids and come away feeling “meh.” The campaign builds off this tendency by empathizing with and capitalizing on people’s apathy toward most hybrids.

“Honda wants to get people into lower-emission vehicles, but the majority of people aren’t going to buy because it’s better for the environment. Honda created a car, and we created a campaign, that speaks to a significantly more powerful human desire…not having to compromise.”

SVP/Group Strategic Planning Director Christian Cocker
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