Multicultural Starts with People

RPA Multicultural Marketing

How RPA sees multicultural differently

RPA Multicultural Marketing

Over 30 years of experience in multicultural marketing, we’ve developed a point of view around what it means to effectively market to specific cultural groups. A more holistic approach to marketing and media planning for a holistic world. It’s a way of thinking about the consumer landscape, and engaging with these audiences through your marketing communications. And it all starts with a few guiding principles:

There is no “general market”

The world isn’t made of mutually exclusive markets or demographic segments. It’s made of people–and people have overlapping and complex identities. That’s why RPA takes a holistic approach. We see the consumer marketplace as being made up of individual subsets, each bringing their own unique cultures and perspectives to comprise the whole. Concepts like audience, identity, and community, are fluid and overlapping.

The best marketers make the best multicultural marketers

Understanding how to drive top-line business results is what makes a successful marketer. Understanding the needs of specific communities is, and has always been, an integral component of helping our clients achieve their goals. Our work for brands from Honda to Farmers Insurance and La-Z-Boy speaks to this principle.

It starts with putting People First

Whatever market we’re working within, we start with people–and with discovering relevant and sometimes surprising insights about their lives. Keeping People First helps us form a series of connections that deepen relationships between brands and customers.

But our approach to multicultural is more than just a belief system–it’s a robust set of tools built atop these principles to help our clients allocate their media dollars in the most effective way possible. Using proprietary platforms and analytics instruments, we incorporate factors such as population size and growth trends, language stratification, media usage patterns and English/In-Language media duplication across channels to determine the ideal media budget allocation.

To learn more about how we’ve helped clients develop holistic multicultural marketing programs and how RPA can change your approach, let’s talk.

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