Honda - Summer Clearance Event 2015

Summer Clearance

We break out the pop hits for the Honda Summer Clearance event

Summer Clearance

Getting a new car is one of life’s truly celebratory experiences. It puts a little pep in your step. And, sometimes, a song in your heart. Especially when you’ve saved some cash at the same time.

To give the Honda Summer Clearance event a memorable hook and drive more people into the dealership, we heightened the emotion of the car-finding experience with an immersive campaign built around the power of pop music. And that was before the cat memes got involved.

Must-singalong TV

Every spot featured a unique a cappella rendition of a song so iconic, you couldn’t help but hum in harmony.

[vimeo caption="Crazy in Love" vimeoid="175856063"]

[vimeo caption="My Life Would Suck Without You" vimeoid="175856065"]

[vimeo caption="Head Over Heels" vimeoid="175856066"]

[vimeo caption="Take My Breath Away" vimeoid="175856067"]

Going social with it

Understanding the fine line between posting something on social media and tailoring it to social platforms, we optimized the campaign to the space. Translation: cats.

[vimeo caption="" vimeoid="178492698"]


Getting Radio Play

An idea built around the power and catchiness of radio hits, on the FM dial. It's only natural.

[radio title="Meant to Be" color="blue" source=""][radio title="In Love" color="yellow" source=""][radio title="It Just Feels Right" color="green" source=""]


"Ultimately, our goal is to break through the car sales-event clutter."

– Susie Rossick, assistant vp of marketing at Honda

“We love it when a smart client gives us a smart goal.”

– Jason Sperling, SVP/executive creative director at RPA
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