Brand values meet people values

Sync up your brand and your customers

Introducing the Values Quotient: A new way of measuring brand-audience alignment

Sync up your brand and your customers

Every brand, like every person, has values: a set of morals and underlying beliefs about the world. These values can’t help but come through in your advertising–whether you mean to share them or not.


Brand values are rooted in not just your products and services,but your organizational heritage, your internal culture and your DNA. A brand with an entrepreneurial origin story may operate on values like self-reliance and modesty, even decades later. A technology brand may be rooted in a culture of engineering know-how and care of craftsmanship. When either of these brands puts their advertising into the world, those ads their ads will carry the clear and legible imprint of their brand values.


Here’s where it gets complicated: People have values, too.Oftentimes, the values embodied by your brand align well with the values of your target audiences.


But what if they don’t? And what if you don’t know it?


Measuring values alignment: A behavioral science perspective

Values can be lofty, intangible things. But identifying your values and assessing their alignment with your targets’ values is a deeply measurable, data-driven question. At RPA, our behavioral sciences unit set out to create the first metric designed to test that alignment.


It’s called the Values Quotient. And it does three things:


·        Provide marketers with a clear, quantifiable understanding of the values implicit in your advertising and marketing communications

·        Identify opportunities for realignment with your audiences’ values, in cases of disconnect

·        Identify potential new target audiences for whom your values would resonate more profoundly than you might expect



Get Early Access to the Report

If you’re a marketer who wants to learn more about values alignment, we’re offering early access to our full report here.


If you’re interested in applying the Values Quotient to your brand advertising in particular, we’d love to chat.

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