ampm and the COVID-19 crisis

Open and ready to help

Creating work for ampm during a crisis

Open and ready to help

ampm wanted to let customers know that amidst the COVID-19 crisis that their stores were, in fact, still open. For the first phase, we created social posts in both English and Spanish as well as a page on their website that shared that news and some additional information, including what steps ampm stores were taking to help keep their customers and employees safe during this crisis.

The next step was to do something more,something that could help folks out a little during the crisis. Along with our ampm clients we developed a new initiative named #giveTMGS (that’s ampm’s social shorthand for Too Much Good Stuff).

One program showed our appreciation for first responders and health care professionals and another for everyone out there looking to stretch a dollar right now. In an extremely expedited timeline we developed paid social ads announcing the new offers and created a page for the ampm site that explained the #giveTMGS initiative and detailed the offers.

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