Brees on Breeze

Brees on Breeze

Brees on Breeze

Campaign Overview

The Tempur-Pedic brand of Tempur Sealy has partnered with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees for a series of videos touting the brand's Tempur-Breeze line of mattresses.

The campaign, called "Brees on Breeze," includes videos that also star Brees' teammate, Max Unger. Among the plots are a wake-up call at 3 a.m. to introduce Unger to the Tempur-Breeze line, a bedroom faceoff between Brees and Unger about who is cooler, a stunned reaction from Brees when he learns that the new line is not named after him, and a new spin on the famous Tempur-Pedic wine glass test.

Max Unger's Cool Surprise

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Cooler Than You

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It's All in the Name

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Tempur Test

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