Know New Art

Know New Art

Know New Art

Campaign Overview

To build interest and intrigue in the 16th annual Newport Beach Film Festival, an integrated ad campaign, "Know New Art," was designed to captivate and garner attention for the talented artists among us who have yet to be discovered.

"Skeet Art," the in-theater promo from Biscuit Filmworks' identical twin directing duo, the Freise Brothers, reveals a new form of nontraditional art that serves as a metaphor for the Festival. In a high-contrast black-and-white world, the story follows an eccentric, rifle-toting new-age punk and her butler through a field of high grass, where they pause to shoot a round of skeet. Clay pigeons have been replaced with homemade color bombs filled with brilliant powder, with which the sharp-shooting artist magnificently paints the sky.

In a similar high-contrast style, the print, digital and out-of-home feature edgy, in-your-face portraits of people breaking out in a wide range of facial expressions. These are the exaggerated emotions usually expressed in the safety of a dark theater, but here the joy, sadness, ecstasy and surprise are in full, raw display.

Skeet Art

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