Our clients cut through holiday sales noise to create real connections for Honda and


There are many different ways to create urgency. You can loudly proclaim “unbeatable prices” and warn people about the idea of “missing out.” You can also go in the other direction, pouring on saccharine until your audience’s eyes glaze over with traditional tropes. Working with Honda and, we helped two longtime partners navigate one of the most heavily marketed times of year with messages that were fresh, light, funny, and relevant without coming across as patronizing.

To kick things off, Honda appealed to the love for traditional holiday stories by recruiting the Grinch to “steal” Happy Honda Days. The iconic curmudgeon delighted fans by hijacking the Honda website and social media accounts to announce that, this year, there would be “no decorations, no deals ... and best of all, no cars.” Completing the beloved story, the Grinch returned the happiness a few days later, giving people a more sentimental reason to care about the annual sales event.

[vimeo vimeoid="301719492" caption="Grinch" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="301719375" caption=" Change of Heart" ]

For the Happy Honda Days campaign, Honda gave people nostalgic reminders of what it’s like to get wonderful things at the holidays. To do this, we brought to life action figures of Voltron, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Care Bears, and the Six Million Dollar Man – all toys that our audience loved as kids. Voiced by their original actors, these characters gave a clever and sweet message that puts Honda at the emotional center of the holiday.

[vimeo vimeoid="301059998" caption="Voltron" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="301060149" caption="TMNT" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="301060238" caption="Care Bears" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="301060322" caption="Six Million Dollar Man" ]

Finally, RPA and created a campaign that speaks to another cultural reality people care about: “holidays” like Black Friday and Cyber Monday created by companies to sell stuff. In a playful parody, created “Find a Better Place for All Your New Stuff Tuesday,” tapping into a phenomenon people have feelings about while reminding audiences of their service’s core benefit.

[vimeo vimeoid="305129945" caption="New Stuff Tuesday" ]

[vimeo vimeoid="305130759" caption="Black Friday" ]

A People First perspective pushes us to create work that achieves business results by understanding people and connecting with them on a human level. And when it comes to this season, that means acknowledging that our multi-faceted, multi-layered humanity doesn’t stop when holiday shopping begins.