Small Business Big Game

Small Business Big Game

Small Business Big Game

Campaign Overview

More than 100 million people saw the first-ever small business commercial, "Come On, Bring the Toyz" during the third quarter of the championship game courtesy of Intuit Small Business Big Game. More than 90 children brought to life the brand of the grand prize winner, GoldieBlox, an innovative toy company inspiring girls to push the limits and think outside the box through storytelling and basic engineering concepts, as they rallied together through streets and suburban neighborhoods to show discontent with toys typically marketed toward girls.

The 30-second spot opens with a girl sneaking her large pink dollhouse out of her home. Other girls join the cause with their excessively pastel toys in hand and use smart and innovative ways, like a tricycle crane to move a pink horse and skateboards to move a big pink house, to caravan their toys. The crescendo takes place in a meadow where dozens of girls have used their toys to construct a giant rocket ship that blasts off into space.

Small Business Big Game has been a six-month program by Intuit to share small business stories with the world and recognize their contributions, providing more than $25 million in rewards and offers to help them succeed. It kicked off July 31 and thousands of small businesses entered for a chance at the opportunity of a lifetime. The top four finalists — GoldieBlox, Barley Labs, Locally Laid Egg Company and POOP — Natural Dairy Compost — were announced in November, when the world was invited to vote for their favorite to win the ultimate prize.

The concept brings the GoldieBlox mission to life, showing that girls can disrupt the status quo and envision their toys in a new way. The ad will serve as a rallying cry that all girls are more than just princesses. To view teasers of the spot, click here and here.

Come On Bring the Toyz

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