Campaign Overview

When we created ampm's iconic tagline, "Too Much Good Stuff" 20 years ago, we never thought it would evolve into a walking, talking spokesthing.

Toomgis is our lovable snack giant made up of everything from cheese curls to chocolate bars. From his delicious body to even his name, Toomgis embodies everything ampm. At first glance, his 8' tall, hulking snack body can be a little daunting, but the friendly snack monster just wants to help people with cravings and give endearing, but sticky, hugs.

To introduce the world to Toomgis, he's become the star of ampm’s social channels, TV spots, radio, display ads and the website! So keep an eye out. You never know where he might pop up!

My Name Is :30

[vimeo vimeoid="163606238"]

Case Study

[vimeo vimeoid="163606237"]

Beard :15

[vimeo vimeoid="163606246"]

Protector :15

[vimeo vimeoid="163606244"]

Straw :15

[vimeo vimeoid="163606243"]

Pants :15

[vimeo vimeoid="163606242"]

My Name Is :15

[vimeo vimeoid="163606240"]