Throwback Toy Tunes

Throwback Toy Tunes

Throwback Toy Tunes

Campaign Overview

Building on the fun and interest in the Happy Honda Days campaign, Honda launched three social videos featuring favorite nostalgic toys such as Gumby and Pokey and Skeletor and He-Man singing their renditions of familiar or newly created holiday tunes. Honda will donate a total of $100,000 benefitting three charities including the Children's Hospital of Orange County, the Little League® Urban Initiative and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Each video has a charity associated with it, and the video that garners the most views through December 21 will win a grand prize of $50,000 for that charity, and the other two charities will each receive a $25,000 donation.

At the end of each video, the toys urge viewers to share their video in hopes of winning the grand prize for the affiliated charity. The charities will also use their own social media channels to promote their respective videos in an effort to gain the most views.

Honda's Twitter account (@Honda) was also taken over by one of the more evil toys, Skeletor (#Skeletakeover) who sent almost 100 tweets to brands and people. He then revealed the secret of how he was able to hack Honda by hacking their Instagram account.

G.I. Joe and Jem - Fa La La Love

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Skeletor and He-Man - Jingle Bros

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Gumby and Pokey - Whatever Comes to Mind

[vimeo vimeoid="129702453"]

Instagram #Skeletakeover

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