Summer Clearance Vine

Summer Clearance Vine

Summer Clearance Vine

Campaign Overview

In support of the annual Summer Clearance Sales Event, Honda is launching a unique social media campaign in which the brand will directly engage with Twitter users utilizing real-time Vine videos. Honda will respond to tweets with the #wantnewcar hashtag with live Vine videos encouraging users to ditch their old car and purchase a new Honda through the Summer Clearance Sales Event. In addition to the social media component, the Summer Clearance event will be supported by television, print, digital and radio advertising leveraging the #wantnewcar conversation and user-generated tweets.

In addition to the social media promotion, the Summer Clearance Sales Event campaign will feature eight TV spots that show various Honda dealers humorously responding to real tweets, while finding alternative cars and deals for viewers to consider.

Tweeternatives :30

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Dance Party :30

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Probs :30

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Doctor :30

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Super Fan :30

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Poll :30

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Multicar print

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Odyssey and Pilot print

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