Security Camera

Security Camera

Security Camera

Campaign Overview

RPA created a playful new digital video series with "Security Camera," the social extension of our recent Honda Dream Garage Sales Event campaign. The TV spots feature a fantastic garage with doors that open to an array of landscapes: the forest, the desert, the city thoroughfare and more. Customers choose their new Hondas and drive them off into various adventures.

To turn the concept into sharable Internet content, we knew it had to feel different: more lighthearted, more emotional, less like advertising. And with a limited CG budget, we had to stay within the Dream Garage set we already created. That led us to ask: what happens in a magical garage after-hours?

In "Security Camera," we return to the Dream Garage after the last guests have gone and the lights have lowered. We discover someone left the door to the forest open. On mock security-camera feed, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat users can watch an adorable bear cub wander in to interact with the Honda Accord. The bear's antics play more like a short film than an ad, but the security-camera angle makes it possible to include plenty of Honda event branding and sheet metal.

Social Cutdown 1

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Social Master

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