Pilot Glamping

Pilot Glamping

Pilot Glamping

Campaign Overview

We partnered with stop-motion artist Evan Hilton and shot a series of "glamping" videos for the 2016 Pilot. Through 6 short-form videos, we highlighted the Pilot's features, in unique ways. From making green juice, to drying clothes, to setting up movie night, we made it easy to make a perfect glampground.


[vimeo vimeoid="145329601"]

Glamping movie night

[vimeo vimeoid="145329597"]

Glamping bathing suit

[vimeo vimeoid="145329599"]


[vimeo vimeoid="145329598"]

Sleeping bag

[vimeo vimeoid="145329602"]

Green Juice

[vimeo vimeoid="145329600"]