Paper City

Paper City

Paper City

Campaign Overview

In support of National Teen Driving Safety Week beginning today, and to emphasize Honda's continuous focus on safe-driving habits, Honda is releasing the "Don't Drive Like You're Five" social video series.

The new "Don't Drive Like You're Five" series will feature five social videos, each with a child playing with his or her toy car, when various scenarios occur—whether it be due to weather or falling asleep at the wheel, these incidents are anything but a game.

Through the videos, Honda wants to remind teen drivers: "Don't Drive Like You're Five." The goal is to illustrate what can happen because of uncertain driving behavior.


[vimeo vimeoid="200084017"]

Road Rage

[vimeo vimeoid="200084033"]

Sleep at the Wheel

[vimeo vimeoid="200084046"]

Watch Pedestrians

[vimeo vimeoid="200084083"]

Bad Weather

[vimeo vimeoid="200084090"]