Campaign Overview

Capitalizing on Honda's established, strong brand identity and its core belief in "The Power of Dreams," the company launched a two-minute commercial, "Paper," during CBS Sunday NFL on Sunday, Sept. 20. After months in the making, thousands of hand-drawn and -colored illustrations from multiple artists provide the platform for an intricate paper-flipping journey to beautifully show Honda's history and range of mobility products.

"The Power of Dreams" philosophy speaks to Honda's belief that drives the company's R&D and diverse array of advanced-technology products, and to the determination to bring them to market. This rejuvenated approach to overall brand marketing is the sum of Honda's best thinking and could only come from the company's years of design and innovation.

The commercial takes an unconventional approach to showcase Honda's "Power of Dreams" — it depicts the journey and many iterations of Honda engines using paper — the medium where many dreams begin — and was entirely shot in-camera with a few scenes stitched together to create one seamless journey. The commercial opens with weathered and sepia-like paper and progresses to modern graph paper.

"Paper" was shot by Academy Award-nominated PES, the creator of some of the most widely viewed stop-motion films of all time, using inventive camera tricks to play with perspective and dimension throughout the inspired commercial.

Paper :117

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Behind the Scenes of Paper

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