#HondaInnovator Series

#HondaInnovator Series

#HondaInnovator Series

Campaign Overview

The new Civic TV campaign connects Honda's philosophy—a passion for innovative thinking and continuous improvement—to other real inventors, makers and explorers in the world who are never satisfied and always working to develop better solutions. The campaign has sparked curiosity about the innovations featured in the new Civic TV spot. Capitalizing on that momentum, Honda is launching a collection of live chats, the #HondaInnovator Series.

The #HondaInnovator Series uses Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube to drive curiosity and conversation. At http://www.hondainnovator.com, users are able to tweet questions to several inventors featured in the Civic TV spot, participate in scheduled one-hour innovator tweet chats and see #HondaInnovator feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On YouTube, Honda has created an innovation playlist featuring innovator-created video showcased in the Civic TV spot. Facebook posts will introduce fans to the "Innovator Series" and related album. Instagram will host behind-the-scenes photos from the Civic TV commercial and an assortment of Civic photos. And Pinterest will feature a "Things Can Be Better" board.

Also in February, the social news leader, Buzzfeed will feature sponsored posts highlighting the creative theme of the Civic campaign of true inventors, makers, explorers and engineering.

The "Innovator Series" program will be supported with promoted tweets, promoted posts on Facebook, YouTube ads and search.


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